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i said my deal with the devil hadn't changed anything. well, i was wrong. all those people... they would still be alive if it wasn't for me. just... just put me out of my misery. just--just take me. stuart, listen to me. we've still got 24 hours. ah... there's still hope. hope? you know what? i wish i'd never listened to you. it hard enough dying... without knowing all the misery you caused to others. thanks for nothing. [ car door closes ] [ engine starts ]
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[ dance music playing ] excuse me? i feel totally directionally challenged. could you, like, tell me how to get to the corner of straight and narrow? go away. ooh, touchy much? get over it, morgan. it's just a game, even if you are stretching the rules. what are you talking about? like, duh. you just refused your client's request to jump-start his eternal reward. i didn't turn him down. i talked him out of it. you know, that is so like you, just giving in to your fluffy-bunny feelings for your client, except that is so not the deal. i gave you permission to offer them redemption, not force it on them. look on the bright side. this way, you get to see him squirm for another 24 hours. oh, my god, that is, like, so true. hey, are you trying to trick me? get real, morgan. you lost.
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i know it. your soon-to-be-ex-client knows it. everybody pretty much knows it but you, so, like, chill. go swap some bodily fluids with maya and enjoy life. bye. the photos of wei lee's killer were worthless. no one recognizes his face. we're starting to wonder if there's a reason for that. i don't know what you're talking about. maybe someone paid you to doctor the photo-- a little darkroom magic to protect the killer? look, i'll show you the negatives if you want to see them. i didn't do anything to those photographs. i want that guy caught as much as you do. you know, the one thing i like about the western culture is the philosophy of an eye for an eye. if i had a choice, i'd kill wei lee's killer,
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and everything would be back in balance, but now...some other member of the born to kill will have to do. no, no, no, no, look, if you do that, you know they'll come back at you. this no longer concerns you, mr. sanderson. if you want to live a long and happy life, forget we ever spoke. look... oh, god. oh, god. excuse me, what do you think you're doing? i know you. i saw you with that supermodel. you're morgan pym. stuart had one of your cards. you know where stuart is? i have to find him. that's his private stuff. it's all right. i've been talking to him about private matters. yeah, like what? if i told you, it wouldn't be private anymore, would it? wait a minute. is this some kind of anonymity thing?
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are you one of those a.a. guys? is that what this is all about? are all those people that you hang around with drunks? i used to be a priest. i still talk to people about their souls. if you care about stuart sanderson, you'll tell me where he is. just tell me this. where does he go when he's upset? this is...this is where i proposed to my wife. i was just sitting here, thinking how it was the one thing i've done in my life that was good... and i realized that if i'd never met her,
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she'd have been someplace else that day. one thing leads to another, you know? she'd still be alive. it's done. all the death, all the destruction, it's over. the only question now is what are you going to do about it? you're wrong. it's not over. it's just starting. what are you talking about? that asian kid that got killed two days ago, he was a member of a chinese gang, and his buddies, they can't find the killer, but they're using my picture as proof that a vietnamese gang was behind it. don't you see? if i'd never taken the picture, they'd have no idea. now they're going to start a gang war. they'll kill each other, and they'll kill bystanders, and it'll go on for years.
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show me the photos you're talking about. why? we still have a few hours left. if nothing else, we can try and prevent more deaths. what's the point? i've already been over the photos. that chinese gang has been over them. nobody recognizes the killer's face. the face isn't what i'm interested in. what is it exactly we're looking for? i'll tell you when i see it. blow that up. see? nothing. try the next one. there. [ sighs ] try the third one. enlarge it there.
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what's that? a reflection in the mirror. i think it's the killer's arm. what are those markings? could be a tattoo. most...most gang members have them. can you move in closer? i can sharpen it. flip it. what? what is it? what does it mean? it means no one's ever going to find this killer, no matter how long they look. how do you know that? because i can read chinese.
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. sanderson, i didn't expect to see you again. what do you want? this tattoo was on the killer's arm. that's impossible. this is chinese. it isn't the mark of the born to kill. that's why no one recognizes him. the killer's from out of town, and his intention was to start exactly the kind of trouble you're contemplating. a gang war would only serve his interests. you know, we could kill the both of you right now, and no one would ever know. why did you come here? it was a matter of honor. well, i will speak with the born to kill, and if what you say is true, we won't avenge wei lee's death.
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you thought that was my redemption. it made sense. we were preventing more violence. i feel like i'm missing something. maybe you're missing the truth. which is? that i deserve to go to hell. no. when you made your deal, you had good intentions. yeah, i hear the road to hell is paved with those. you didn't cause all this death and unhappiness. you didn't pull the trigger. you didn't hire the arsonist. the devil did. what's the difference? all those people still died so i could get the shot. there's no way i can bring them back to life. we accomplished something in there. that means something. we just have to figure out what. if you quit now, your wife's death was for nothing. don't you get it yet?
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my wife's death was always for nothing. [ grunts ] what's wrong? nothing you can fix. let me try. where
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[ drawer banging ] uh, she's beautiful. i'm guessing she's not your sister? i'm sorry. i should have known a guy like you would have somebody, and it wouldn't be somebody like me. maya...
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it's okay. it's okay. i mean, at least now i know why you keep pushing me away. i don't want to hurt you. too late. [ door closes ] [ dialing ] [ telephone ringing ] hello. stuart, it's morgan. i've got it. i know what we missed. i don't want to hear this anymore. just leave me alone. no, wait. don't hang up. just hear me out. the devil chose a vietnamese form
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to shoot wei lee instead of a chinese one, because he knew shen au would be able to tell the difference. why would he do that? to give them a new target, okay, to start more killing. yes, but your photograph did more than give them a target. it proved to them that the vietnamese gang wanted them dead. it proved that they could never get along without killing each other. it confirmed their worst fears, and when we convinced them that they were wrong, that the photo was a lie, we undid the damage. we stopped the war. all right, you know, but i still caused all that violence, all that death... when we talked to those people yesterday, all you heard them saying was how the violence came out of nowhere. now we know why they didn't see it coming, but what you didn't hear was their hopelessness. "that's the way life is." "your photos show people "how rough it is out here in the real world." "why do things like this always happen to people like us?" that's what your photos did. they preserved those moments of pain and death so expertly that they overwhelmed people, confirmed their worst fears about the world.
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the devil killed their families. that's the damage he did, but you killed their hope. now you've got to give it back. morgan, look, those pictures were published in the paper, right? thousands, hundreds of thousands of people saw them. how am i supposed to make up for that? i'm not sure, but we still have a little time left to figure it out. maybe the star could publish your old photos from before your deal, show people that there's happiness and beauty in the world, too. whatever the answer is, i'm betting your redemption is in those pictures. call jeri slate. talk to her about it. i'll be there in five minutes, and this time, we'll get it right. all right. [ gunshot ] mr. leclaire? it was you, wasn't it? "i just happened to be driving by." isn't that what you said? well, i got to thinking
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after you came to see me. i did a little research. well, it seems like you're always just driving by or walking by or standing right there when something's going to happen. it's not what you think. oh, isn't it? well, what exactly do i think, anyway? do i think you get tipped off before something bad happens so you can get there and just get your shot? or do i think you're some kind of sick scumbag who sets these things up yourself? which is it? put the gun down, mr. leclaire. killing me's not going to make anything better. they'll just-- they'll just put you away. why do i care about that? i've got nothing to live for. everybody i loved died because you had to get your damn pictures. i'm sorry. you've got to believe me, i am so sorry, and i would make it up to you if i could. try.
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please, please. mr. leclaire, we have to go. i've got nowhere to go. i should have died like this a long time ago. all right, man, we'll talk about it... outside, okay? if all we have left is the past, there's no hope for either one of us. no, no! [ thud ]
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[ coughing ] why didn't you just let me die? i've already got enough to answer for. you and me, we both lost what mattered most, but there's more to this world than pain, roy. there's beauty. there's goodness, hope. we can make a future out of that if we try, roy... or anyway, you can. roy, promise me you'll try, roy, please.
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promise me you'll try. the photographs are all gone... negatives, too... so i guess that's it. what does that mean? it means i was wrong about the photos. you found your own redemption. it's hope. and you have to come back. the place is dull without you, and all the pictures are out of focus.
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maybe i will...someday. there are a few things, though, i have to do first. errands? no... no more errands. wow. i haven't seen you do work like this in a long time. yeah. all the people i've photographed, i need to see them again, you know, talk to them, take some new pictures. it might take a while, but...i'll be back.
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power past pain. i'm cat greenleaf. this is "talk stoop. today's topic is space it all started when we were talking with jeremy sisto who played jesus we started talking about faith from that and it launched the entire show. let's start with the first guy -- jesus well, jeremy >> it's been a while since i sat on a stoop i'm used to more large, comfortable chairs in l.a. but i'm going to get into it. >> now you're slumming it sitting on the stoop that's how you want to kick it off? >> it's very urban -- dirty. >> like in a dirty, not fun

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